Multi Room Audio and Video

Distributed audio systems for homes offer an immersive and convenient way to enjoy music throughout your home. These systems consist of multiple speakers strategically placed in different rooms or zones, allowing you to control and distribute audio independently to each area. Whether you want to listen to music while cooking in the kitchen, relaxing in the living room, or even in your backyard, a distributed audio system ensures that high-quality sound reaches every corner of your home. With the ability to stream music from various sources and control the system through user-friendly interfaces, distributed audio systems provide a seamless and enjoyable audio experience for homeowners.

Residential - Distributed Audio

Whole House Video systems allow you to experience the magic of superior sound, video, and entertainment throughout your home. Share your movie library, streaming video, and satellite channels to every room from one clutter-free closet of equipment. There is no need for setup boxes or multiple video sources. All your devices can be connected, showing the same content or playing separate media in each room. Once set up, it is easy to use and can be updated quickly and easily.

Residential - Distributed Video